First Aid Topics

Our first aid demonstrations and courses will cover the following topics with the focus on babies and children. Learn what to do during these situations, when it's necessary to seek medical attention and common causes of these injuries or illnesses.

  1. CPR of Baby and Child
  2. Drowning
  3. Choking
  4. Fevers and Febrile Convulsions - see our fevers fact sheet for some information on the causes of fever, what to do at home and when to see a doctor, as well as the types of febrile convulsions and what to do if your child is having a seizure.
  5. Burns and Scalds
  6. Head Injuries - our children's head injury fact sheet provides guidelines as to when you should seek medical attention and what to do in the home.
  7. Severe Allergic Reactions - Epipens
  8. Poisons, Bites, Stings

Any topics you would like advice on or questions regarding your child's health are welcome.

"Statement of Attendance" certificates are offered to participants

Contact Us

Laura Mulcahy: Mobile - 0407115633

Regular Courses

Regular courses conducted at the following locations in Brisbane:

  • Kidsafe House Brisbane - (07) 38541829
  • Baby n Things, Mt Gravatt, Brisbane - ( 07) 3420 0075

Sydney & Melbourne Courses

Available on request please contact us.