Childrens First Aid Fact Sheets

Helpful first aid fact sheets for childhood injuries and illnesses:

Fever Fact Sheet - A child is considered to have a fever when the body’s temperature is higher than normal which is 37.0 C. Find out the causes of fever. Learn what to you can do when your child has a fever. Find out when you should see a doctor about your child's fever.

Bronchiolitis - Bronchiolitis is an infectious and contagious viral illness involving the small bronchioles (breathing tubes) of the lungs. Learn about the causes of Bronchiolitis. Find when it's time to see the doctor and what you can do to help treat your child's bronchiolitis.

Febrile Convulsions - A Febrile convulsion is a seizure (fit) which happens when the electrical activity in the brain is disturbed by a fever which usually occurs without warning. Find out about symptoms and what to do when your child is suffering from a seizure.

Croup - Croup often starts as a mild head ‘cold’. As the virus spreads to the voice box your child may develop a hoarse voice and a “barking cough” that becomes worse at night. Your child may also complain of a painful throat. Learn about the symptoms of Croup and what you can do about it. Learn about Croup treatment and the different kinds of Croup.

Head Injuries - Children are very active and have poor judgment when it comes to danger. Learn about the different kinds of head injuries your child could experience and what to do when your child suffers from a head injury.

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